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CSG provides a complete scope of services in the specialized field of compensation planning for key executives:


Competition for top management talent is increasing among all businesses and often a firm will find itself bidding against other successful corporations for this key resource. Our business is to help your company improve its ability to recruit, retain and motivate high caliber managers with special benefit plans designed to reward key executives. Our professionals excel in balancing a company’s desire to reward top managers and the need to do it cost-effectively.

Drawing on a broad base of experience, we help companies find creative and motivating ways to compensate executives.

In addition, we also administer the plans, enroll new members, make necessary changes, keep abreast of tax law changes that could affect the plans and provide annual financial reports.


We help selected individuals safeguard and preserve their net worth for their families, businesses and charities. Client objectives drive the design of plans that help minimize estate taxes and transfer assets to future generations and designated charities. We strive to keep our clients informed of the most advantageous means for preserving their resources. Above all, we help solve the problems of asset transfer with the utmost respect for our clients’ time, experience and privacy. We do this working in concert with our clients’ legal and tax counsel.

Asset transfer is more than a one-time service; it is a process driven by our concern for our clients and their specific needs. That process includes initial and ongoing needs analysis, plan design, implementation and administration. With today’s constant changes in tax laws and personal environments, one of our fundamental objectives is to remain aware and responsive, continually ensuring the stability of your plans.

Catalyst Solutions Group is well versed in this very specific planning area. We strive to keep our clients informed of the most advantageous means for preserving their resources. We approach each client’s unique needs with creativity, sophistication and care. This valuable process can help enable our clients to minimize estate tax liability, preserve family assets, shift estate growth to second and third generations, preserve capital through diversification and create a charitable legacy.

In addition, we offer services in:

  • Supplemental Retirement Plans
  • Capital Accumulation Plans
  • Employment Contracts and Severance
  • Agreements
  • Benefit Security Arrangements
  • Communication to Participants
  • Benefit Funding

We encourage you to contact us so we can review your current plan and help you get on top of planning for your future. Reach out to us here or call (313) 296-1600.

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